What WAVE Therapy For Men With ED Does

WAVE therapy is only for men. It is one of a number of clinical remedies available that do not require surgery. There are also a number of natural remedies and treatments available, and, of course, surgical treatment can be considered under the most extreme conditions. But what is ED. ED is erectile dysfunction which, of course, only men will be suffering from. It is up to a medical practitioner or specialist to complete a thorough diagnosis before penciling in a scheduled WAVE Therapy for ED session.

It depends on the gentleman’s unique physical and emotional disposition. In the meantime, WAVE therapy lets off sound waves to increase blood flow to the penis area. It is as if the pied piper was calling a tune. The acoustic waves are piped to different branches of the penis. During this process, the creation of new blood vessels from existing vessels is encouraged. It is also a case of waking you up before you go-go. Dormant stem cells are stimulated back into life. All newly developed blood vessels lead to the overall rejuvenation of the erectile tissue.

WAVE Therapy for ED

Note further that this is not a surgical procedure. Nor is medication or sedative measures being used. This non-surgical procedure does not take longer than thirty minutes. The results are obvious. Longer lasting erections that make sense to the recipient thereof. Little or no known side effects are prevalent. Research confirmed its effectiveness by utilizing a double blind placebo among a large group of test subjects. But of course, you no longer need to consider yourself for use in a laboratory to find long-term solutions for your problems.

All you need now is a proper diagnosis from your qualified or specialist medical practitioner. And all he has to decide is what treatment suits you best.